Kubota Photo Shoot 2019


The Kubota brand is one of the symbols of the 90s in Poland. After filling the niche for cheap and comfortable footwear, the brand became a cult, and the slogan “Kubota is not slide sandals, Kubota is a lifestyle” has become a permanent part of colloquial language.

Kubota slide sandals have become a national phenomenon. Present in countless memes, songs and other cultural texts, they released the most wonderful and often underestimated characteristics of Poles: fantasy and creativity.

Since reactivating the brand in 2018, Kubota has continued its extraordinary traditions, combining them with the latest fashion trends. In 2019, we had the great pleasure to co-create a comprehensive brand strategy in the context of graphic and audiovisual materials. The bar was set high, taking into account the brand’s recognition and the enormous nostalgia that Poles have for it. Has it succeeded? Effects below 🙂

More photos from joint sessions can be seen on Kubota Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/kubota.store/