We offer services related to the comprehensive production of any audiovisual materials “from concept to completion” of feature films, documentaries, commercials, corporation films, video clips and short films.

We prepare materials to be broadcast in all areas of exploitation: TV, Internet, cinema, radio. In particular, we have experience in the 3D film production.

Isyrius is a member of Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce (KIPA).

Isyrius constantly looks for areas that, given the intense development of technology, legal issues or social, fashion and trends, are doomed to the integrated use of modern technology.

We also explore other cultural and art fields. We are integrating various social, educational, artistic and cultural activities such as:

carrying out workshops for film professionals, artists, students and children as well as for the local community

supporting the artistic and professional development of artists and specialists & supporting young artists’ debuts

supporting activity supporting audiovisual, educational and cognitive work for the benefit of children and young people

providing equal opportunities related to access to culture and audiovisual art as well as the cultural activation of socially marginalised groups, including in particular the disabled, aiming to build human capital in a civil society

supporting and disseminating new cultural trends and unconventional artistic enterprises

supporting culture-related international artistic exchanges and European integration