Kubota Photo Shoot 2021

Once again, Isyrius collaborates in a joint campaign with the iconic Kubota brand, which in July 2021 presented the first clothing. The brand associated with the iconic slide sandals from the 90s surprised with the premiere of the clothing collection. Kubota focuses on the young and it is with them in mind that the brand designed tracksuits, sweatshirts, rustling jackets, T-shirts and a line of accessories. The premiere of the clothes is accompanied by a special surprise – a new version of the flagship slide sandals Velcro model.

Łukasz Ziętek stood behind the lens during the session of the new Kubota collection, . The models were dressed in stylizations prepared by Iwona Łęczycka. The backstage was supported by the choreographer Agnieszka Konopka. Marianna Yurkiewicz was responsible for make-up. Kamil Pecka was responsible for the hairstyles during the session.

The session, the main idea of ​​which was freshness and modernity, took place in Warsaw at Studio 99. There was also a wink to the 90s, which Kubota comes from. The vintage atmosphere is especially visible in the group photos, which bring to mind girls and boy bands popular at the time.

The following models appeared in the session: Nilufar, Kamila Irobi, Ania Moreno from the Uncovered agency, Michał Kot and Julia Suryś from United, as well as Borys Bajan, Ivan Zaretski and Kuba Basiewicz from the As Management agency.