No Panic, With a Hint of Hysteria

Feature Film

A timid accountant tries to earn his living as a hitman, until he becomes a target for the vengeful mafia boss, murderous gangsters, mad cops and a sexy blonde – and if he’s not careful his own wife might catch wind of his double life too

Production: Finn, CinemaVision, Eurotek, Finn, Isyrius, Info123, Nataniel Productions, New Wave Film, Piramida Film, Stipendium, soundmaking
Director: Tomasz Szafrański
Screenplay: Tomasz Szafrański
Cinematography: Michał Grabowski
Scenography: Zofia Lubińska
Music: Luke Corradine
Producer: Ryszard Sztoch, Przemysław Sztoch
Line producer: Patryk Krajewski
Cast: Stephen Baldwin, Charlotte Kirk, Bill Hutchens, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Magdalena Lamparska, Alexander Chance, David L. Price, Tomasz Karolak