Short Film

The New Forms of Performing Arts project implemented as part of the vnLab of the Film School in Łódź with the support of Łódź institutions and companies (including Teatr Szwalnia, Isyrius) focuses on narratives created as a result of combining modern means of artistic expression (with particular emphasis on technological tools and internet solutions). ) and forms derived from the tradition of theatrical areas of exploration with dominant acting activities.

The main assumption of the project, in addition to acquiring knowledge in the field of innovative solutions, is to examine the process of creating original interactive projects, intensively exploring the ideas of performing arts and other fields of art, the common denominator of which is presence in virtual space.

As part of the work, shooting for the first interactive series in the history of the Film School in Łódź, entitled “Gambit” combining content present in the Internet space, live performative activities and an immersive community of recipients / creators. Characters like chess pieces take part in a game in which the most desirable result is … stalemate.

As part of the plan, photos were made, the nature of which was to reflect unreal cosmic-dream spaces, the interior of the club and the cinema room. The main assumptions were to operate light and smoke in such a way as to neutralize the sense of distance and disturb the sense of perspective.